About us


Quality, honesty, creativity
Together for a better world

3K JSC is a small company working in the field of new technical solutions generally related to the reduction of human impact on the environment. The two main areas in which renewable energy sources work, in particular systems for absorbing energy coming from the Sun – photovoltaic systems, and wastewater treatment from household and industrial sites.

Our choice has been clear since the very beginning of our work in 2005. Electricity and water are truly valuable “fuels” for humanity. Permanent waste of water, uncontrolled waste disposal, rising energy consumption and pollution from some of the technology-old plants are the things that need to be changed to provide a clean future for many generations to come. So that they can also see the real beauty of the world such as we still have the opportunity to see our generation.

The team working in 3K JSC is made up of young specialists, each of whom realizes the need for change and gives everything in order for the company to be able to continue to offer new technologies to anyone who is interested and willing to do something about to keep the world as it is.

Of course all these are just good intentions but 3K JSC already has their projects done – photovoltaic plants, purification stations in different settlements. We have been certified for quality management of the services offered (ISO 9001: 2008) and is a member of the Bulgarian Chamber of Builders. There is much to learn with our clients so we can say calmly that we are your best decision. But even now we are sure that together we can change the world we live in. Together with our suppliers, distributors, competing companies and of course all our customers and partners. Along with all of you.