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  Maximum capacity of the purification Size of the module
(L х W)
Volume of the module PE of the module Pound Kilogram
BioBarrier® MBR 0.5 500 GPD (1892 LPD) 1 to 10 (1) = 21” (53 cm) L x 14” (36 cm) W 36 lbs 16 kg
BioBarrier® MBR 1.0 1000 GPD (3487 LPD) 1 to 20 (2) X 21” (53 cm) L x 14” (36 cm) W 72 lbs 33 kg
BioBarrier® MBR 1.5 1500 GPD (5675 LPD) 10 to 30 (3) X 21” (53 cm) L x 14” (36 cm) W 108 lbs 49 kg
BioBarrier® MBR 2.0 2000 GPD (7571 LPD) 25 to 40 (4) X 21” (53 cm) L x 14” (36 cm) W 144 lbs 65 kg
BioBarrier® MBR 2.5 2500 GPD (9464 LPD) 35 to 50 (5) X 21” (53 cm) L x 14” (36 cm) W 180 lbs 82 kg
BioBarrier® MBR 3.0 3000 GPD (11350 LPD) 45 to 60 (6) X 21” (53 cm) L x 14” (36 cm) W 192 lbs 87 kg


  Maximum capacity of the purification Size of the module
(L х W х H)
Volume of the module PE of the module Pound Kilogram
BioBarrier® HSMBR® 1.5 1500 GPD (5675 LPD) Contact us Contact us 144 lbs 65 kg
BioBarrier® HSMBR® 3.0 3000 GPD (11350 LPD) 288 lbs 131 kg
BioBarrier® HSMBR® 4.5 4500 GPD (17034 LPD) 432 lbs 196 kg
BioBarrier® HSMBR® 6.0 6000 GPD (22712 LPD) 648 lbs 294 kg
BioBarrier® HSMBR® 9.0 9000 GPD (34069 LPD) 864 lbs 392 kg



 Renew, use again … right now


With unparalleled waste water, BioBarrier® MBR membrane bioreactors designed for housing and BioBarrier® HSMBR® high-performance membrane bioreactors designed for commercial buildings, it will be helpful for you to find more and more accurate and / or where needed Re-use of Specialized purification stations treatment at the right place of application.

Underwater BioBarrier® MBR membrane bioreactors use biological processes along with ultrafiltration to remove solids and harmful wastewater pathogens – without expensive chemicals, additives, or disinfection. The technology, designed for a flat surface, allows a constant infiltration flow, eliminates clogging and provides high quality wastewater to the most sensitive areas of the environment.

About water reuse application, end-users primarily choose Bio-Microbics that meet their waste water treatment requirements that help protect natural resources, protect underground / surface water and overcome terrestrial landscapes. Always consult with the local regulations on waste water treatment regulations that will meet your needs.

  • Single-family homes
  • Multifamily properties
  • Group Sub-Regions
  • Suburban sub-region
  • Residential construction
  • Recreation areas
  • Power Station
  • Apartment complexes
  • Military areas
  • Settlements / Villages
  • Small municipalities


  • Schools / Universities
  • Recreational parks for cars and caravans
  • Motorway rest areas
  • Country Clubs / Golf Playgrounds
  • Restaurants
  • Office parks
  • Resorts / Hotels
  • Shopping malls
  • Fast food places
  • Laundry places
  • Winery
  • Supermarkets
  • Food packaging factories… and more!


HSMBR(High performance membrane bioreactor): By increasing the requirements of the customary local waste water treatment regulations and by developing water reuse applications, the BioBarrier® HSMBR® produce unparalleled quality wastewater that provides new opportunities for wastewater recycling techniques.

MBR(membrane bioreactor): With its sophisticated membrane technology for individual homes, this system produces high quality wastewaters, providing new opportunities for re-use of waste water projects.


Low cost, long-term solution


Builders, installers, regulators and property owners derive every benefit from the pros of BioBarrier® bioreactors. Pre-engineered modular systems for ships modular systems  are ready to be deployed in new or existing tanks. Combined with a control panel, fan, and SaniTEE® self-cleaning contaminated water filters, the BioBarrier® BioBarrier® system is easier to install, operate and maintain than other membrane bioreactor systems.

Why exactly the BioBarrier® membrane bioreactor?


  • Meets the strictest government regulations
  • Waste water quality: BOD(Biological usage of Oxigen) <2mg / l, TSS (Total Suspended Solids) <2, Ammonia <1
  • Effective in removing harmful pathogens from waste water
  • Reduces Faecal Coliforms and Escherichia coli to less than 10 cfu
  • Enhanced biological options for removal of biogenic substances
  • Ideal for direct release applications
  • Can make even the most difficult places usable
  • Ideal for “green buildings” and certified for water reuse by NSF ® 350 (National Sanitary Protection Foundation)
  • Proven, generally recognized environmental technology


How does the BioBarrier® bioreactor system work?


  1. In the main sedimentation zone, the SaniTEE® with self-cleaning wastewater filter is used to remove large solids entering the purification area.
  2. Mounted at a distance and above the ground compressor, the only moving part of the system, set air (oxygen) in the treatment module to facilitate the circulation of the polluted water through the channels of the installation.
  3. Aeration from the ventilation grille creates an upward flow between the membrane filters, allowing for the cleaning and removal of degraded pollutants.
  4. Self-made Suspend cleaning. Additional components such as the Lixor Underwater Aeration System can be installed inside the additional aeration tank.
  5. Pore size of membranes allows for microfiltration and ultrafiltration processes.
  6. Clean, odorless, purified water is ready for standard or innovative use.


Technical specifications


Prefabricated and available in different sizes, modular systems meet the needs of residential and commercial properties. Please,make sure you are informed about the technical characteristics of the product regarding the minimum dimensions of the tanks. Contact Bio-Microbics ( or a sales agent near you for more information. Always check local regulations before installing or updating the purifying system.

Installation of BioBarrier® MBR and HSMBR® : Mounted inside tanks above or below ground, the containers can be made of concrete, fiberglass, steel or plastics materials.

Capacity: The BioBarrier® Module(s) are available in several convenient, affordable model sizes and configurations.

Please, make sure you refer to the technical characteristics of the product regarding the recommended tank qualities. Always check local regulations before installing or updating the purifying treatment system. Contact Bio-Microbics or a sales agent near you for more information about the system that suits your needs.

Maintenance requirements: Once installed, the BioBarrier® system is designed to operate with minimal maintenance and control. Periodic cleaning of the BioBarrier® Bioreactor is required to ensure the desired performance. Periodic review of electronic components and residual elements is recommended. Excess of biological solid parts should be removed when convenient.