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  Diameter of the filter Level of filtration
BioSTEP ® 1618 16” (40 cm) 1/8“ (0.32 cm)




The easy for maintain BioSTEP® purification system provides several versatile pumps designed to transfer purified water to a very small diameter area which is liable to a decentralized collection.

The favors of sewage with small diameter: 

Conventional (centralized) wastewater collection systems have always been considered more suitable for wastewater collection. Despite the popularity of this method centralized sewerage can be economically impossible or simply impossible to install in some areas due to different geological factors . Alternative wastewater collection systems are characterized by less excavation time, also with lower costs for materials and construction, as well as providing innovative and sustainable solutions for new construction and reconstruction. In addition, areas with poor soil conditions or other terrain related issues can be overcome by maintaining normal system operation and maintenance.

The unique design and features of BioSTEP® make it up one step – once installed all necessary procedures, cleaning and maintenance can be done easily without removing components from the system.

In addition, the new ScumGuardTM acts as a protection for every BioSTEP from grease and oil, providing flexible tank fitting options in shaft and riser configurations.


How it works?

1. Nonpurified waste water enters the primary sediment.

2. The water from the septic tank purification zone is infused into the pump chamber via the BioSTEP pump angular slots.

3. BioSTEP ScumGuardTM prevents the internal components from becoming clogged.

4. BioSTEP’s external screen protects internal components by diverting solids.

5. External cleaning pad make it possible to keep the place clean.

6. The water level sensor is triggered and the BioSTEP internal pump transfers the purified effluent to their destination of run-off.